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6 things designers should know about copyright

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Copyright might sound like fancy lawyers and big business, but its impact is real for studios of all sizes, says Eric Schrijver. The designer and author shares his best advice for creative people on how to avoid getting into legal hot water.

By Eric Schrijver February 28, 2019 2:20 pm DESIGN WEEK

Courtesy of Onomatopee and Antenne books

For designers, copyright provides both challenges and opportunities.

It’s getting easier and easier to run into trouble infringing other people’s copyright — especially now that social networks such as YouTube and Facebook are starting to proactively scan uploaded content to check if videos and images are already copyrighted. On the other hand, your own copyright can be powerful leverage when negotiating with clients, publishers and anyone who wants to reproduce your work.

So much of the narrative on copyright is not driven by the experience of individuals, but by the media. The role copyright plays within different creative fields can be varied, and what is useful to multi-national publishers might not be as useful to a freelancer. My new print publication, Copy This Book, aims to be both a practical guide for creatives, and a means with which to educate the community so they can take part in the debate as copyright law continues to change.

Here are six important things that designers should know about copyright. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE.

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