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'Aspire Gym + Coaching' Branding

Tom Weyman, owner and creator of Aspire, contacted me to discuss creating a brand identity for his new gym business, Aspire Gym + Coaching, which was to be based in Knutsford, Cheshire. The brief was pretty straight forward, he wanted a versatile logo that was modern, yet had an upmarket feel to it.

The concept of the business was to attract the type of client to the gym that would be happy to spend more for their membership than a 'run of the mill' franchise gym as the facilities offered by Aspire would be far superior to those of a standard gym.

I decided to choose purple and black as the primary colours as they would appeal to both male and female 'gym goers' as well as having a contemporary feel. The font used for Aspire was created from scratch to give the brand it's unique look. The 'hex' icon represents the popular circuit training workouts that will be in place at Aspire.

I wish Tom and his team the best of luck in their new venture and will be signing up myself once the gym has opened!



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